The old hooker won't 
shut her mouth while
I fuck her, punch her
off and on for the hell
of it.

She mews like a kitten,
brags how Carter once 
hired her and Hugh Grant
and even JFK, the day
before his blood flooded
the streets in Texas.

She claims she once
did a Platoon on leave
in Saigon before they 
marched back to
colored jungles and 
still has a dried Cong 
ear to prove it.

I decline her offer
to show me.

By now, I know she's
delusional. She smells
like stale smoke and
onions, besides, but 
the price was right and

a man has
his needs, doesn't he?

Pris Campbell

Art: Something To Believe In by David Ho
copyrighted and used with permission

David Ho creates stunning images. Please take the time to visit his site HERE.

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