Ode to an Aging Lover

Sustain me with raisons, refresh me with apples; for I 
am sick with love. O that his left hand were under my 
head, that his right hand embraced me! 
                                       Song of Solomon  2:4-5

No Guinevere to hide with the Sisters,
I memorized the verses in high school
Love letters from the book of God.

His songs sweep through
the backyard pines, bring thoughts of you.

How may nights did we have after deciding
to go where our minds were already?
Your laugh still caresses my dreams.

Thunder crashes outside;
Thor calling his lost lover, too.

Two peaches going soft, our taste is much sweeter now,
but the days shrink.
Our move through that Valley's shadow draws closer.

Perhaps you will come to me one more time,
cradle my head in your arms, share
memories of lips red as the sunrise
before they fold one cold hand onto the other,
lay the last pennies over my eyes

Pris Campbell

Art: The Echo by Julia Cameron


 I was unable to use the art I originally selected for this poem, Romance-detail by Craig Kusak

The artist is in book negotiations and can't let his work appear elsewhere right now. Please visit his website, anyway, and look for that painting. His art is well worth your time.

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